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KZ Perfect Skin Activator (KZB002)
Experience the dimension of beauty in just a spray.



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tricajuice TricaJuice (VP3)
A supplement being added into diet of Astronauts ofNASA for maximum health performance.
De Active (HD 006)
Advance technology for active life in food supplements. Implemeted the new age Nanotechnology, it contains natural legumes, grain, algae, and food enzyme.
u1clenx u.1Clenx (HU 001)
A special cleansing formula - all natural, well balanced, healthy approach to detoxifications.

KZ Collagen

KZ-Collagen is an additional drinks whereby its functions is to complete lack of supply of collagen in our body.

VP Kosulin

VP KOSULIN is a 100% pure herbs medicine which treat the diabetic problem


Cordyceps Complex

Cordyceps is actually a type of fungus, just like mushrooms. However, it is a very unique and precious type of fungus.

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