To apply to be a Master Stockist (Terms and Conditions)

  1. Application Procedure
    An applicant must be a registered Kanzz qualified distributor at the Master Stockist status either as a natural person or as a business organization. The appropriate Application Form must be duly completed and submitted along with required relevant documents to the company.
    • Individual
      1. A passport size photo
      2. A photocopy of a valid driver’s license
      3. A photocopy of valid passport
    • Corporate
      If the applicant is a business organization, such as corporation, limited liability Company, or partnership; the Application Form must be submitted along with the following documents:
      1. Article of Incorporation (Photocopy)
      2. Name of Directors/Shareholders/Partners
      3. Company Resolutions, which authorizes an officer to sign the Country Stockist directorship on behalf of the corporation
  2. This is an Application Form; not an Agreement
  3. You must be computer literate
  4. Successful applicant will entitled to a 10% Master Stockist Commission
  5. Minimum first purchase must be 5000BV
  6. You are required to maintain a minimum stock balance of 2500BV. If less than that, you are required to top-up to the required stock level
  7. All stocks purchases are non-returnable
  8. Company has the right to terminate any of the Master Stockists, which the said Master Stockist is inactive for 3 consecutive monthly period
  9. The Company reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice
  10. You are required to pay a security deposit of RM600.00 ( refundable ) for the Wireless Terminal Card and a processing fee of RM150.00
  11. You are required to provide your own Digi Line
  12. You have to pay a monthly rental of RM200.00 for the Wireless Terminal Card

To apply to be a Mobile Stockist (Terms and Conditions)

  1. You must be a Health & Health Marketing Sdn. Bhd qualified Distributor
  2. You must be computer literate
  3. Successful applicant will be entitled to a 6% Mobile Stockist commission
  4. Minimum 1st purchase must be 750BV (30 boxes)
  5. The company reserves the rights to terminate, without notice, if any of the Mobile Stockist are inactive for 3 months consecutively and fails to purchase any products
  6. The company reserves the rights to change any terms and conditions anytime without prior notice

To apply to be a Distributor (Terms and Conditions)

  1. Applicants must be 18 years old and above
  2. All corporate applications must be attached with certified true copy of Form 49, Form 24, Form D. Only Kanzzs HQ approves such registrations
  3. Upon Kanzzs accepting the application, the applicant will automatically be recognized as an agent of Kanzzs and the agency will remain valid as long as agent abides by and comforms to the Kanzzs Distributor’s Rules & Regulations
  4. Distributor will be terminated without notice if there is no product purchase within 6 months. Should the Distributor wish to renew his/her agency, he/she is required to submit a new application
  5. In the process of appointing new recruits and promoting Kanzzs products, Distributor shall not misappropriate Distributor or customers money, or accept any form of corrupt offers
  6. Without prior approval from Kanzzs management, Distributor shall refrain from:-
    • Promoting Kanzzs products and/or Kanzzs activities through any form of advertising or
    • Recruiting new Distributor through media
  7. Kanzzs reserves the rights to accept or reject any application form for any reason at its discretion including applications that contain incomplete, false, inaccurate or misleading information. Any alteration or modification will be subjected to verification
  8. Distributors are solely responsible for the compliance with applicable taxation requirements
  9. At any time, the Distributor’s action or conduct must not damage Kanzzs interest and reputations
  10. The laws of Malaysia shall govern this agreement
  11. Distributor agrees to keep abreast and be bound by all such changes and updates
  12. Kanzzs reserves the rights to amend the Terms of Agreement without prior notice or explanation