General Distributor Inquiries

  1. Q: How to become a Kanzzs Distributor?
    A: To become a Kanzzs distributor, you will need to be sponsored by an authorized Kanzzs distributor. If you do not know any existing Kanzzs Distributor, you may contact us for a recommendation.
  2. Q: Are Kanzzs Distributors also the employees of the company?
    A: No. Kanzzs distributors are independent contractors and not employees of the company.
  3. Q: What is the benefit of becoming a Kanzzs distributor?
    A: As a Distributor you can purchase the products at distributor price or at a discount from the retail price. For more information, please refer to our products price list. You may also have the opportunity to earn commission based on your own sales activities as well as the sales volume activities of your downline sales organization.
  4. Q: How can I earn commissions with Kanzzs?
    A: The Affiliate Program of Kanzzs is a “work program” based and commitment and the continuous sales of Kanzzs products by you and your downlines sales organization. For more details about Kanzzs Affiliate Program, please refer to the Affiliate Program section.
  5. Q: What is the average income of Kanzzs distributor?
    A: It would not be prudent for Kanzzs to comment on the average income of distributors with various Pin titles since we always emphasize that the Affiliate Program is a “work program”. A distributor’s long-term success and financial rewards is solely based on the individual Distributor’s commitment and hard work, as an Executive and ultimately as a leader to his/her Kanzzs business and sales organization.
  6. Q: Will my children be able to inherit my distributorship in the future?
    A: Your distributorship is like any other piece of property that you may have (i.e. cars, houses, etc…). When a Distributor passes away the Distributorship becomes a part of that person’s estate. If the Distributorship is willed to someone specifically, then the Company will honor the will. If it is not willed to someone specific, then it is treated like any property that is not willed and will be part of the estate to be divided according to the applicable governing laws of Malaysia.
  7. Q: How to buy Kanzzs products?
    A: You may buy Kanzzs products from any of our Kanzzs distributors or at any Kanzzs centre. For your information you may login to Stockist list to check your nearest stockist to buy Kanzzs products.
  8. Q: How to become Kanzzs Mobile Stockist?
    A: Conditions is as follows:
    • You must first be a Kanzzs qualified Distributor
    • Must be computer literate
    • Successful applicant will entitle a 6% E-Centre Commission
    • A minimum of first purchase at least 1250BV (without 6% commission)Maintain at least 250BV personal sales of the particular month

Please check the Application page for details of the Terms & Conditions for becoming a Mobile Stockist.

  1. Q: How to become Kanzzs Master Stockist?
    • Conditions is as follows:
    • You must first be a Kanzzs qualified Mobile Stockist
    • Provide a business premises with a Meeting hall
    • Able to conduct meetings at least 3 times a week in different languages
    • A minimum of first purchase at least 5000BV
    • Must maintain with a minimum of 3750BV of products stock

Please check the Application page for details of the Terms & Conditions of becoming a Master Stockist.

  1. Q: Is Kanzzs a legitimate Direct Selling Company?
    A: The information that you require can be found by going to view our Certificate. It would be helpful to have your prospect browse through our website in order to obtain further information about the company.

Internet and Website Features :

  1. Q: How can I get my personal web account with Kanzzs?
    A: Upon registering as a Kanzzs distributor, you are given a Distributor ID and password. Use the given distributor ID and password to login to the website.
  2. Q: How can I change my password on my personal web account?
    A: Kindly follow steps below to change your password:
    • Log on
    • Click on “Profile”
    • Click on “Change Login Password”
    • You will then be prompted to enter your new password, old password and then re-enter your new password.

For your information; you shall be responsible for keeping your own password confidential. The Company shall not be responsible for any misuse of your account by anyone who uses you ID and password.

  1. Q: How can I check my sales volumes through the internet?
    A: You must first login to by using your distributor ID and password. Please go through the step below to check your sales volume:
    • Click on “Hierarchy”
    • Click on “Placement Tree”
    • You will then be able to view your real time group sales volume and genealogies.
  2. Q: How can I access my commission statement online?
    A: Kanzzs has enhanced the feature of your personal website account. You can now access your commission statement online as well. For your information the company will not mail any statement to you.
  3. Q: How are my bonuses calculation?
    A: Every BV on purchase you have made will be computed in Real Time calculation. The bonuses will be debit to your e-wallet as a credit point. One credit point is equivalent to RM3.60.
  4. Q: What if I have forgotten my password?
    A: In order to access, you shall have to call the HQ to retrieve your password. You shall be levied an administration charge of RM5.40 (Ringgit Malaysia Five and forty cents).
  5. Q: Why is the Distributor ID code is so long?
    A: The reason why the Distributor ID has 12 digits is because the total numbers of Distributors will grow, a long ID allows us to accommodate vast numbers of new members.
  6. Q: How can existing Distributor sign up a new distributor?
    A: You must first login to by using your distributor’s login ID and password. Please follow the step below to sign up a new distributor. Please make sure you have enough CP in your e-Wallet before you sign up a new distributor.
    • Click on the “Sign up” menu under “Profile” section
    • Fill in all information required by the system. Especially with the fields marked in red as they are compulsory. Then click “Next”
    • This page allow you to double check on whatever information you have filled in. If you need to amend any of the information, click on “back to previous page” to do the necessary amendment, if completed click on “Confirm”
    • You may print this page as your backup copy. And you have now successfully registered a new distributor
  7. Q: What is RP bill in the Distributor area?
    A: Distributors use RP Bill for repeat sales, the distributor can use the RP bill to redeem at any Centre.
  8. Q: Can I edit my correspondence address?
    A: Yes. You may login to by using your distributor ID and password. Please go through the step below to edit on the correspondence address.
    • Click on “Profile”
    • Click on “Update Profile”
    • You may then update whatsoever information you need.
  9. Q: When can I get my withdrawal bonuses?
    A: Payment on withdrawal bonuses is as below:
    • Withdrawal payment will pay on 7th , 14th , 21st and 28th every month.
    • If withdraw on or before 7th, payment date is on 14th;
    • If withdraw on or before 14th, payment date is on 21st;
    • If withdraw on or before 21st, payment date is on 28th;
    • If withdraw on or before 28th, payment date is on 7th of the following month.

Please take note that all distributors must be active ( must sell or maintain at least One value Pack per month) to qualify for bonuses, failing which their Business Center will be close.

Training & Support

  1. Q: What kind of training or meetings does Kanzzs provide for its Distributor?
    • Kanzzs provided training and meeting for all distributor and prospects who are interested to know and learn more about the Kanzzs and the products.
    • Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM)
      These meeting give opportunity for a new distributor to get more information and updates about Company, products and affiliate program to assist them in their business.
  2. Q: Where can I check for the Company meeting schedule?
    A: You may view the schedule online by visiting our Events & Calendar.

Operation & Support

  1. Q: Besides going to Kuala Lumpur HQ, what other Products order options does Kanzzs provide?
    A: If you are distributor, apart from walk-in purchase at our HQ, we also offer e-mail order and fax-in order services to our distributors.
    • Walk-in: You may order your products by visiting our HQ office located at 24-3A, Sri Desa Entreprenuers’ Park, Jalan 1/116B, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. [map]
    • Our Office hours : Monday – Friday from 10.30a.m to 7.30p.m.
    • Fax order service: available from Monday to Saturday
    • Fax in your order form to 603 – 7980 2798. Your order form must contain your Distributor ID, name, products items, quantity and your payment detail.
    • Delivery is subject to clearance on payment.
    • You may be levied a handling charge of RM30.00(W.M)and RM40.00(E.M) if order made is less then 375BV.
    • If you are not a Distributor and you wish to order Kanzzs products, please call Kanzzs HQ at 603-7887 2778 or contact our stockist on our stockist list for inquiry.
  2. Q: I live at Miri. How can I receive my products from the company?
    A: As a Distributor, you may request for products to be delivered to your mailing address, or go to any Mobile Stockists to make a purchase.
  3. Q: What are the Delivery / Pick up schedule for orders?
    A: Delivery / pick up schedule for every order are from Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 4.00pm. Any order placed after cut-off time, will be delivered on the next working day.
  4. Q: How fast is bonuses calculated if I purchase product from the company?
    A: Every time you purchase the product from the company, the BV will be computed in ‘real time’ calculation. The bonuses will be debited to you e-wallet as a credit point(CP). One credit point is equivalent to RM3.60.
  5. Q: Can I withdraw my credit point (CP) for others purpose?
    A: Yes. Every Credit Point in your e-wallet belongs to you.
  6. Q: Is there any minimum amount on withdrawal and any charges?
    A: Yes. The minimum amount of withdrawal is 20CP, every withdrawal transaction will charge an administration Fee of 3CP. The amount of withdrawal will then be banked into your bank account provided by you. This is why it is important of you to key in you account information.
  7. Q: Can I top-up a credit point to my e-wallet?
    A: Yes. You may bank in the amount for top-up into the company bank account.
    • Pay to : Health & Health Marketing Sdn Bhd
    • Malayan Banking Berhad (MBB) : 5144-4010-5233
    • Kindly inform the company by calling us at 603 – 7987 2778, after verifying the company will top up the amount in CP into your e-Wallet.
  8. Q: Can I transfer my Credit Points(CP) to others Distributor or Mobile Stockist e-wallet?
    A: Yes. Please follow the steps below :
    • Login to
    • Click on “member login” using your Distributor ID and password to login
    • Click on “e-wallet”
    • Click on transfer
    • Key in the third Party Distributor ID
    • Key in the amount in CP you wish to transfer
    • Click on “Transfer”
  9. Q: Is there any other administration charges if I request company to do a transaction on my behalf?
    A: Yes. Please view our charges as below :
    • Update profile, change on contact no. forget password – 1.5CP
    • Key in transaction e.g Cash bill, RP bill and etc – 2.5CP
    • Transfer Ownership of Distributorship – 5.0CP
    • Print on Statement – RM0.50/piece
  10. Q: Where can I get the latest news?
    A: The latest Company news will be announced in the local Country homepage. If there is any special announcement, we will send it to our members through SMS service, hence, you should always update your mobile number.