After years of research and testing, herbs experts formulation this special cleansing formula – all natural, well balanced, healthy approach to detoxifications. Each of the ingredients is carefully selected and combined to work together to become a powerful tool to human well being.

The lung, kidney and liver in the body, which are thethree implementation organs to work as a detoxification filter. The main role of lung is to help to filter the gas poison, the kidney is to help to filter uremia and the liver is responsible for detoxification.

U.1Clenx can help the crucial organ to get rid toxic waste from the body which is cause by environment and internal body through the skin, kidney, liver and intestine. It may also be used as substitute for meals as part of a weight control program.


The human body is not capable of metabolizing and processing large quantities of toxins, and as a result, allows toxins to accumulate. This can have both subtle and powerful effects on your well being. As toxins build up, they can damage cells and displace key nutrients your body needs to function properly. Scientists are finding more and more that the amount of toxins necessary to affect behavior and the central nervous system is much lower than previously believed. With repeated exposure, toxin may eventually accumulate inside organ tissue, such as those of the liver and kidney. Toxins can also increase production of free radicals.

Pour a sachet of u.1clenx and mix with a glass of water (100-200ml), stir evenly and consume