VP KOSULIN is a 100% pure herbs medicine which treat the diabetic problem. It is researched and developed by medical expert which are joint venture of China and Japan Medical Team.

It’s also a 6 years of clinical studies in the Intervention by Chinese Herbal (VP KOSULIN) and undergone R&D Research. If compare with others herbal diabetic product, VP KOSULIN formula had a stringent combination of raw materials, using advance research and production technology, proven effective ingredients and unique lowering glucose level mechanism which proven effective in treating Type 2 Diabetes patients. VP KOSULIN is a product that can help to detoxify, cleanse and regulate the human body system.

Benefits and Features

Significantly improves pathologic changes in pancreatic tissues and increase the number of pancreas β cells.Increases the number of insulin receptors in the liver of diabetic, improves sensitivity towards insulin and reduces insulin resistance in receptors. Improves glucose transporter 4 genes in bones and muscles.

  • Prevents and soothes complication caused by diabetes.
  • Good effects for patients who are not getting results using modern medicine, including suffering from serious insulin resistance and secondary ineffectiveness towards Thiourea medication.
  • Upkeeps physical health
  • Improves physical weaknesses
  • Upgrades immunity